3) Duplicator

Active Installs: Over 500,000+

WordPress Duplicator Plugin
Duplicator is arguably the best plugin on the – – EVER — that let’s you move your WordPress site to a different server or domain.

Duplicator let’s you migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another, such as one web host to another, or from a local site to a production site. You can have your site and running on a new server in minutes, with only a simple three step process!

Like UpdraftPlus, Duplicator is great at it core function (site migrations), but it you have to pay for an add-on to get the site cloning/backup functionality at UpdraftPlus offer out of the box for free.

Duplicator doesn’t allow you to create automated scheduled backups which makes it less than ideal for a regularly maintained site to use as its primary backup solution. It also does not support WordPress MU, and doesn’t let you save to a third party cloud storage service without going Pro.

Upgrading to the Pro version give you the ability to perform regularly scheduled backups AND the ability to save your backups to the cloud.

I find their integration’s at this point to be a bit lacking since they only support backups to Dropbox and FTP – they promise support for Google Drive in the near future. This is why I use a combination of both UpdraftPlus for backups and Duplicator if I need to move my WordPress Blog.

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4) WP Super Cache

Active Installs: Over 1+ Million!

WordPress WPSuperCache Plugin

WP Super Cache makes your WordPress Blog load significantly faster for your visitors. This is because every time someone loads a page on your blog, WordPress has to “talk” to your server & database and dynamically generate your pages via a scripting language called PHP. This is not too much of a problem when you have a small site that gets a few visitors a day.

Once your blog starts to grow in popularity and gets more visitors, it can cause it to run really slow, even if you have a good web host and your visitor is on a fast connection. These days, people are very impatient – if your site doesn’t load quickly, they’ll just leave and go somewhere else – like your competitors!

How does WP Super Cache fix this problem? I’ll try to keep it simple as possible. WP Super Cache generates basic HTML files that are served directly by your Web Host without processing PHP scripts & accessing your database. After the HTML file is generated your server will serve that file to your visitor, instead of regenerating it from scratch each visit.

WP Super Cache really comes in handy if your server is under-powered, and/or you’re experiencing an unusual spike traffic. So even if your a “small” blog, you can’t go wrong installing this plugin. You never know when you’ll get your “big break”!

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