So think of your Lead Magnet as a web based version of a Retail Discount Program.  Your Lead Magnet gives your “one time reader” a compelling reason to subscribe to your mailing list, to receive future communication from you. It’s like exchanging numbers with that cute guy/girl you just met at a party — You can’t build a relationship until you get the digits, lol.

Now that you see why having a Lead Magnet is important, it’s time to get into the different type of content that you can offer people to subscribe to your list.

Free Ebook Lead Magnets

Free E-Books: eBooks are one of the oldest and most popular Lead Magnet types. I recommend creating a short eBook that gets to the point quickly and offers real value. I would suggest no more than a 10-15 page eBook, heavy on images and with very little text.

You want it to be fast and easy to read, because you want people to actually read it and recommend it to their friends (more subscribers!).  Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income has been offering eBooks the Smart Way for years and has a list of well over 130,000+ subscribers – eBooks WORK!

Resource Guide Lead Magnets

Resource Guide: People hate to conduct their own research, despite over 15 years of having Google in our lives. You can research a topic that’s important to your audience and present it in a condensed but entertaining format. For example,  you could create “The Ultimate Smartphone Resource Guide” or “The Ultimate Amateur Photographers Resource Guide”, etc. You readers will love it!

Top Tools List Lead Magnets

Top Tools List: People love tools. There are tons of out of shape people in the world who think they can dunk like Mike once they buy a pair of Jordan’s. Creating a “Top Tools” list is also a great way to attract subscribers who want to know the tools they need to succeed.

For example,  you could create “The Top Five Audio Programs that every DJ should know” or “The Top Ten Tools that every Mechanic should have in their Toolbox”.

Cheat Sheet Lead Magnets

Cheat Sheet: Cheat Sheets are like Hacks – shortcuts or ways to accomplish tasks, learn new things, or solve problems faster. You could offer cheat sheets that offer ways to do things better / faster. For example,  you could create “How to cook an egg in two minutes” or “How to always measure ingredients perfectly”, etc.

Free Report Lead Magnets

Free Report: Free Reports are similar to Resource Guides’ except they focus on more specific topics, like the old Matthew Lesko Reports on ways to get free grants and loans. You could create a free report on “The most effective Social Media Platforms for Realtors” or , “The Best Special Needs Schools in your District”, etc. The sky’s the limit on Free Report ideas!

Content Upgrade Lead Magnets
Content Upgrades:
 Content Upgrades are “extras” that you can include with your Blog Posts.
Let’s say you wrote a Blog Post about the “Top Ten Ways to Get More Done Everyday”. You could include a printable to-do list as a PDF download for your Content Upgrade.

It’s just a tool that takes your Blog Post to the next level; it’s the online version of “do you want fries with that?”. Content Upgrades are very successful, because the people who are interested in your Blog Post are more likely to subscribe to your Content Upgrade because it compliments the post! Look under this sentence and you’ll see my Content Upgrade Offer!

What’s your Lead Magnet Hack Mike?
The Lead Magnet is the Hack to get people to subscribe to your List. It’s that Simple, OK! Well… I might have a few more… lol.
If the toolproduct or service you mention in your Lead Magnet has an affiliate program, you should join their Affiliate Program as an Affiliate. Once you are approved for their program, you can add a “Buy it Here” or “Get it Here” affiliate link in your Lead Magnet every time you mention the tool, product or service.

If your reader clicks on your affiliate link and purchases your recommendation, you’ll get paid an affiliate commission. Please, be ethical and only recommend items that YOU know, use and trust. There’s nothing worse than shilling crap to get a quick Affiliate buck. You’ll tarnish your reputation and your readers will eventually expose you. It’s not worth the trouble. But if you genuinely use and get value from your recommendation, and refer it to your readers and it they get value from it as well, it’s a win-win for both of you!