My Story

Allow me to Introduce Myself!

Hi there, I’m Mike Wayne. I’m a Married Father of Four, born and raised in NYC.
I’ve been dabbling in the World of Internet Marketing since 2008. By Internet Marketing, I mean the World of “How To Make Money Online”.

I’ve mostly focused on Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products and services for a Commission) and Offering Web Design and Graphic Design Services (Creating Websites, Logo’s, Business Cards, etc), but nothing I’ve ever worked on ever really “took off”.

Nothing I’ve ever worked on was successful enough to bring in enough Cash to become a full time business.


All I wanted was enough Money so I could work from Home and spend more time with the Kids.

Enough Money so that my Wife wouldn’t have to work.

Enough to never have to worry about an unexpected Bill again!

Not too unreasonable, right?

I think that I’m a pretty smart guy – I can Code Websites and Create Awesome Graphics after-all!

Instead of making me feel better, this actually made me feel WORSE as the years pressed on.

I saw other people with the same amount of skills, and many times with less skills KILLING IT and making serious Money Online.

After a while, self doubt and unhealthy thoughts started to creep in my head….

I started to wonder “What’s wrong with me?!?!?!?”

The Reality

Mike Wayne & Gary Vaynerchuk at Affiliate Summit East 2009Mike Wayne & Lewis Howes at Affiliate Summit East 2009

In case you don’t know them, that’s Gary Vee & Lewis Howes. They are both NY Times Bestselling Authors and have both built extremely successful Seven Figure Businesses on the Internet. Yup, that’s little old me with those guys. I met them, along with a bunch of other Successful Entrepreneurs at an Internet Marketing Summit back in 2009.

Since then, these brilliant guys have become thought leaders & breakout successes their industries over the last couple of years.

These pictures were taken at a point where they were just starting to build their personal brands.

I’m not showing these to show off, because the joke’s on me.

There’s one big difference between them and myself; they were consistent – flat out.

They were persistent & I was not.

For 8 years I’ve been chasing shiny new objects, going with the latest and greatest and when the hypes died down I didn’t have anything noteworthy to show for it.

To top it all off, I remained enslaved to my 9-to-5 and a huge chunk of my time went to pleasing other people’s projects that they profited from.

Something had to change.

So I changed.

A Defining Moment

I realized that “I” was the one holding myself back.

“I” was the reason that I wasn’t making Seven Figures Online.

I had the tools, but I lacked the FOCUS!

I disciplined myself to stay consistent and to always be hungry to achieve my goals – and I want to help you do the same.

I don’t want you to waste 8 years like I did and miss out on the opportunity that’s in front of you right now to start making serious Money Online.

Not just nickels and dimes, but Hundreds and Thousands.

Remember when I said that after 8 years I didn’t have anything to show for it?

After only a 4 months of Hacking my Lifestyle and being hungry for Freedom I was offered a $200 sponsorship on Instagram.

This is just an example and not the first offer I’ve received, but there are several steps that anybody with a computer and an internet connection (just like you) can replicate to achieve the same and even better results.

What happened to your dreams? Do you even remember them? Do you remember dreaming about a future that was filled with freedom? Where money wasn’t an issue, but neither was the time you had to trade for it?

The person that vowed never to become another cog in the giant machine run by The Man.

The person that wanted to go out and make a difference instead of having to punch a clock for 50+ years.

The person that ‘just wanted to live a good life’.

What happened to that person?

The good news is that that person is still down there somewhere.

The great news is that becoming a Lifestyle Hacker will bring that person back up, front and center, and able to kick some serious ass.

I’m Mike Wayne, your Coach, and I’m going to help you become a Lifestyle Hacker.

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